Exceptional quality, competitive pricing.


Our team here at Scott Sails are experienced sailors and experienced sail makers.  Our comprehensive service reviews all your requirements.  We carefully design and make every sail to endure its extreme environment and stand the test of time.




Looking after your sails

Sails are a big investment and taking care of them can drastically extend their lifespan . Scott Sails provide a responsive support service to help you get the most out of your sails. We make quality repairs and modifications at a reasonable price and even check the sail for wear and any sign of future problems.

Sail Design

Knowledge & Craft

Scott Sails have an in-depth understanding of how different sails behave, which permeates every stage of the sailmaking process ultimately resulting in the quality we are recognised for today.  Our sail makers provide support prompt, expert repairs and modifications at a reasonable price.


Sail Construction

consistant quality

Weather you're looking to start the season with high performance lightweight racing sails, easy-handling, durable cruising sails or something in between; we have the expertise and experience to make the perfect sail for your boat.

Automated System

Design analysis & cutting

We use powerful sail design software to accurately define a sail's three dimensional shape and predict behaviour under varying conditions, our automated precision cutting systems cut the sail panels to shape.